The Story

Wildly Shine is a delicate song about a dramatic event: a slow ballad that evolves into a forceful ending, where the mourning of a sudden loss turns into the celebration of a meaningful person. A song about the ability to let someone go like a feather to the wind, to treasure someone’s soul forever. When so much is given, the bond never breaks, but rather compounds with each element (“the wood I burn / those blue singing birds / the dew the Gods drink / the bloom of growing trees”), with every thing on earth.

Wildly Shine is one last dance to say goodbye to a loved one, an emotional vibe with both smooth and rough vocals, and a dreamy atmosphere all around. It is meant to represent the eternity of the impact that a person could have on others.
A homage to a friend the band met on the road, who struck them as a person who would have definitely made the world a more beautiful place.

Pre-production by Michael Beinhorn
Produced by Piqued Jacks
Recorded, engineered and mixed by Francesco Cugia at Penguinsound Studio
Mastered by Dick Beetham, 360 Mastering
Music by E-King, Penguinsane, littleladle, HolyHargot, ThEd0g
Language supervision by Melissa Demos
Art direction by Matteo Cugia and Francesca Fabbri
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Wildly Shine

In just a blink, a heart beat
It was all gone

The bittersweet kiss on my lips
Your last goodbye

I miss how precious, powerful
The shades of your soul
Courageous as lions
We felt alive, electrified
I still bring you flowers…in the moonlight

We spin above the skyline
Glowing together
In the darkness where we dive

All that you built, all of it, everything
Seems so lost

And yet you keep inspiring me
I realize

It’s not true, you now live through every tide of mine
You scarred me with your smile, then carved in my mind

So high

In the wind already out of sight
Blow on a feather
Eventually taking flight…one last time

This is your testament
A privilege
May you travel well
I understand…

And I forgive you, now you’re in the wood I burn
Those blue singing birds
I forgive you, now you’re in the dew the gods drink
The bloom of growing trees
I forgive you because you wildly shine

You are…forever everywhere

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Wildly Shine

Release Date : 19 Giugno 2018
Artist : Piqued Jacks