The Story

Ivy and a tiger on the boundary between a forest and a beach, between chasing each other and running away together. A fast wind blows making a gentle sound: a message of joy, against the delusion of not being kindred spirits. Not in this life, at least.

Recorded, engineered and mixed by Francesco Cugia at Penguinsound Studio
Mastered by Pete Maher (UK)
Language supervision by Melissa Demos
Art direction by Matteo Cugia
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Shyest Kindred Spirit (Acoustic)

My wooden ring has a crack
Honestly I believe in coincidence
Or do you call it chance?

I swear I don’t invade
Our kiss, that first memory with hatred

I wish for you a daydream
I wish you joy, show it proudly

My wooden ring has a crack
Honey it’s bleeding, you’re the evidence
A sort of vengeance

Sorry I gotta run away
I clam up, words get sharp when I feel betrayed


For the time ahead remaining
I wish for you a boy to vow with

‘Til death tears you apart
And turns you to dust
In a reincarnation of some other life
Maybe you’ll be mine


And to do it use your eyes
They don’t get older
Your eyes
I remember
Your eyes

Maybe you’ll be a tiger
And I’ll be the shyest
Kindred spirit
Maybe I’ll be the shyest
And you’ll be a tiger
Hunting me, craving me, chasing me down

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Shyest Kindred Spirit (Acoustic)

Release Date : 15 Gennaio 2016
Artist : Piqued Jacks