The Story

The peace of a library hides the impetuosity of who fights for what he (or she) cares about. Violence doesn’t belong to the Romantic Soldier, strong love does. Heavy and calm melodies become one in a book, and give birth to Ivy, the new album’s protagonist.

Engineered, recorded and mixed by Luca Montagnani, Musical Dream Recordings
Asst. engineer Francesco Cugia, Penguinsound Studio
Mastered by Kevin Butler, Orb Recording Studios
Language supervision by Sophie Durré
Art direction by Lapo Roccella
Logo Piqued Jacks


Romantic Soldier

My ancestors told me
Don’t bury your creed
I never knew them
But they’ve always been here

Once I read:
“I’d rather lose my breath
Than a whole life
Without romance”

A chance to fly by the windowsill
And prove on your terrace how to climb a tower
Give me a chance to fly beside the love you sealed
And prove on your terrace how to climb a tower

We often end up at a library hall
To choose which book we’ll be a part of
Make it our own, enrich it
Then put it back on the shelf for another kid like I used to be

On my cover somebody wrote:
“All these feelings, battles under our skin
Chronicle why the world map spins”

We all spin
We’re all spinning with it


I ask for your hand to place flowers in it
And prove that our heads can be crowned together

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Romantic Soldier

Release Date : 5 Gennaio 2015
Artist : Piqued Jacks