The Story

Welcome inside the head of the Piqued Jacks. It’s an anomalous and schizophrenic song, where the dance hit and the stream of consciousness live together, where the most contagious funky vibe and the most heartbreaking arpeggio coexist, where the syncopated rock drifts to a dark and tranquil atmosphere of a midnight run.

Additional musicians: Dan Weller – synthesizers
Executive production by Toyah Buse
Production and programming by Dan Weller for Bucks Music Management
Recorded and engineered by Dan Weller and Francesco Cugia at Podere Fornacelle
Mixed by Forrester Savell
Mastered by Dick Beetham, 360 Mastering
Art direction by Matteo Cugia
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Loner VS Lover

I’ve caught a suspicious mouse
I should shut it out, shut it out
Right on
Right on

Still I can hear it loud and clear
Talking, annoying my ears
Beyond the walls, from the lock of the door

I’m a loner, whatcha gonna do about it?
Pretty often sitting in my room in silence
What is up with me? Spacing from society

I’ve framed my presumptuous frown
To wear and reveal doubts
Mine and yours, might be physiological

I got also one if I want to brood
Jump in a bad mood or when I’m misunderstood
How many more flaws? Wanna know them all?


And a complainer, what about that too darling?
If it gets a burden, you can say I’m high maintenance
Like at open sea, I’m losing connectivity

I could spend hours talking about my flaws
But honestly, I don’t think it’s useful at all
Actually, it’s not even very attractive, right?
Trust me, I’m aware of my negative sides

The ones I selfishly leave as they are, which is always good
The ones instead I work hard, every day, to improve
In the end though, I hope you see what I can give
I’ll say this only if you don’t take me as a narcissist

I can be respectful, romantic, loyal
Doing my best to make you feel special
Be sexy, silly, both at the same time
Not ashamed to ask you to console me when I cry

I’d like to confess to you my fears, no matter if they’re deep
The strong man isn’t the one that’s never weak
I can be a partner, a sincere friend
A passionate lover, a confidant

The person who listens and you can count on
Who’s there for you, even from far away with his thought
Maybe it’s too much, I see
So please be honest to yourself when I ask you this:

Would you like to be my world?

I’m a loner, whatcha gonna do about it?
I’m a lover, whatcha gonna do about it?

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Loner VS Lover

Release Date : 21 Settembre 2018
Artist : Piqued Jacks