The Story

We wanted to write something easy and literally 5 minutes later this one came out, which we love. In these times of uncertainty and spotlights always on, proudly be who you want to be. Because to be someone you must first be yourself.

Producer: Brett Shaw (Foals, Florence + The Machine)
Rec: 123 Studios / L’esagono
Art: Lunàtico


Golden Mine

We all gotta dig down through the tunnels of life
(Golden mine)
The more in depth you go the more you feed on the light
(Crystal white)

We are collecting centuries
Only letters in history
An old man waving at a ship
Carrying the wisdom earned and reaped

I feel insignificant
So small I’m breaking into crumbs
The weight of this inheritance


So when the time for me has come
To put my days back as they are
An old man cries for rhymes undone
For the wisdom he could have sung

In a theater in Rome
Clarify the mystical
All of a sudden magic falls


Tell me I leave something behind
‘Cause I’m so scared right now to die
I know it’s going to be alright
The dawn will open up the skies

I wish I wasn’t here alone
Come on and touch me once more
Hold my hand in the final flickers of this soul


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Golden Mine

Release Date : 27 Novembre 2020
Artist : Piqued Jacks