The Story

“Un classico.” -A1M Records Ltd
“Ci aiuta a non arrenderci.”
“Innamoràti del loro sound.” -Andrson
“Giovani band inglesi, fate un inchino.” -Song Sommelier
“Un esempio contagioso del loro stile unico.” -The RingMaster Review
“Mettono l’anima in ciò che fanno. E noi gliene siamo grati.” -Indie Italia Magazine

Prod: Julian Emery
Rec: L’esagono Metropolis Studios
Art: Lunàtico
Video: Crooner Films
Photo: Marika Miniati


Fire Brigade

There’s the owl and the hawk
Up above in the high fronds
One is always on watch
The other on the prey hunt

And you’re feeling like an outcast
While they’re speaking behind your back

Don’t fight your shame, don’t fight the pain
Because one day you’re going to look back
You were rising to be stronger
You fight the flames, you’re the fire brigade
Because you made those sacrifices
To be rising from the ashes

If you’re outside the box
You’ll be walking on the dry brush
Just one spark is enough
To instigate a hot fuss

And they still see you as a failure
One crack on top of the other


Dreams will help you build up your defenses
Don’t worry about the consequences
Dreams will help you bring down all the fences
Don’t worry about the consequences


Go fight the flames

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Fire Brigade

Release Date : 12 Marzo 2021
Artist : Piqued Jacks