The Story

Our first LP: a compass and a journey at once. Musical landscapes of alt, pop, funk and hard rock are explored by Ivy, a little girl who is us, between Italy’s warmth and US’ adventures. The treasure of young and old, a story on the importance of stories.

Engineered, recorded and mixed by Luca Montagnani, Musical Dream Recordings
Piano tracking by Massimo Morrone, MMStudio
Asst. engineer Francesco Cugia, Penguinsound Studio
Mastered by Kevin Butler, Orb Recording Studios
Language supervision by Sophie Durré
Art direction by Lapo Roccella
3D processing by Luca Cugia
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Reign of Clouds

Finally you were there, spellbound again
As a little dreamy conqueress
While along heroes’ paths, on destiny’s stony stand
We were hoisting a white flag

To stop the fights, no more dead
Back to the origins of a promised land
Only secular, wise trees could tell
If our story was coming to an end

For a month we’ve been so close
With nothing but each other’s souls
And we’ve made it on our own
As always, we hadn’t more

Uncontaminated reserve built ramps for us
Straight to the core of vagueness

It was all a postcard, sent by a man with a woman
From a country made of three-quarters of sky and the rest of enchantment


Slowly we’ve been so close

Than ourselves, after all

Shyest Kindred Spirit

My wooden ring has a crack
Honestly I believe in coincidence
Or do you call it chance?

I swear I don’t invade
Our kiss, that first memory with hatred

I wish for you a daydream
I wish you joy, show it proudly

My wooden ring has a crack
Honey it’s bleeding, you’re the evidence
A sort of vengeance

Sorry I gotta run away
I clam up, words get sharp when I feel betrayed


For the time ahead remaining
I wish for you a boy to vow with

‘Til death tears you apart
And turns you to dust
In a reincarnation of some other life
Maybe you’ll be mine


(And to do it) use your eyes
They don’t get older
Your eyes
I remember
Your eyes

Maybe you’ll be a tiger
And I’ll be the shyest
Kindred spirit
Maybe I’ll be the shyest
And you’ll be a tiger
Hunting me, craving me, chasing me down

To the boundary where the pure ones meet
To the shore where we can finally sleep
To the boundary where the jungle turns to beach
To the shore where we’re gonna be unseen

Romantic Soldier

My ancestors told me
Don’t bury your creed
I never knew them
But they’ve always been here

Once I read:
“I’d rather lose my breath
Than a whole life
Without romance”

A chance to fly by the windowsill
And prove on your terrace how to climb a tower
Give me a chance to fly beside the love you sealed
And prove on your terrace how to climb a tower

We often end up at a library hall
To choose which book we’ll be a part of
Make it our own, enrich it
Then put it back on the shelf for another kid like I used to be

On my cover somebody wrote:
“All these feelings, battles under our skin
Chronicle why the world map spins”

We all spin
We’re all spinning with it


I ask for your hand to place flowers in it
And prove that our heads can be crowned together

Home Is Forever

Don’t ever forget your roots
Now that you’re done here, but not for me
Do you remember tiny shoes?
Worn by my son from here to eternity

If this is the path you choose
I will be one with the flaps of your wings
And my breast will have room
For you to return whenever you may need

Don’t ever forget your roots
(I stand, drawing, on the roof)
Now that you’re done here, but not for me
(So that you see the map of every night)
Do you remember tiny shoes?
(The clues I use are the city lights)

The simple thought of you
It makes me shine like gold

It feels like I’m going to war
Because I’m leaving home
I swear it’s all wrong
That I am gone, I’m not gone, I’m not gone


I thought your foot was moving
Could not resist this grooving
If you wanna be alone get out
Otherwise grace me with a dance now

I really don’t know how to behave
Friends are where you hesitate
Perhaps have a go at what comes next
Or maybe not, so you won’t be mad

Please tell me what you are sure of
In my modest opinion, of nothing at all
This keeps me thinking just to forget
But I’m not even fairly good at that

Moody habits are kinda shaping you
Making you change your point of view
Moody habits will penetrate you
Shocking your brain matter very soon

I’m not as skeptical as I’m low
I must admit my temper’s rancorous
But come on wise up, say a damn vowel
By far this condition exceeds my powers


Moody habits are gonna drown you
If they drag you down into the blue


Moody habits are why I can’t decipher you
Moody habits are why I’m failing with you

Otherwise grace me with a dance now

Only A Bridge

I see the people who raised me getting much older
On the contrary today I’m pushing their wheelchair
In the rain we run
Fresh air in our lungs

I’ve listened to the stories of my father’s father
He sits on a cloud
How I like thinking of him now
He spoke the truth
About what he knew:

“Maybe my last breath
Isn’t death
But only a bridge
Guiding the next birth
Of a pearl
To my gift”

It’s easy to become nostalgic when I remember
That we used to go fishing on the lake
Every time he playfully told me I could have been a dolphin
I understand what he wanted to teach:

I’ll carry my gift…

While my essence will be flowing to mix up again and merge into the universe
I was a stone until the wind scattered my grains of sand all over the desert”

Gift Handed Down For Generations

Yes, my boy…
The sky moves, it leaves together with the sun
The day is crying, a storm doesn’t let it come
No don’t worry, they’re a few angels sick to their stomachs
What else you got?…my boy, what else you got?

Tell me dad, where does the sky go at night?
Tell me dad, I hear the rain outside

Tell me dad, thunder gives me such a fright

I’m not making a fool of you, mark my words
It’s the way we should see the…

The moon is dark, it wears a dress made of light
It’s when magic dust twinkles around as fireflies
Here some more, you’ll fall asleep without a lullaby
What else you got?…my boy, what else you got?

Tell me dad, why is the moon yellow?
Tell me dad, at what time do stars show?

Keep on telling me dad, as you did all along


It’s the way we should see the world

And they will teach you how to lie
Will teach you how to last
Will teach you how to lead
Will teach you how to lurk
Will teach you how to like
Will teach you how to lash
Will teach you how to lick
Will teach you how to lust

And they will do you no harm
If you go it alone son
One day you’ll be a grown-up
But please stay young, resolute, innocent


The queen
In need of help
Natural catastrophes
Messages of help

She’s always put her destiny
Into every heart
We all can be heroes

The last bee
Begging for help


With simple acts
She’s always put her destiny
Into every heart
We all can be heroes

Who’s gonna make life bloom?


For the best

Who’s gonna make life bloom?
(She’s seeking a refuge, to be rescued)

A universal scream
The population’s sins

Catch A Tiger (By The Toe) [bonus track]


E-Minor [bonus track]


When Glances Meet (remix) [bonus track]

Let that spark explode
No don’t lock it out of your soul
And that firefly knocking at the window
Won’t you blow it away?

Let that spark at every pulse
Flow intermittent through your blood
And let the firefly replace the vital muscle
Of your chest with light

Our glances were born to go up in flames
But in the end, you were swayed
No excuse or busy days
There’s always time to waste
Don’t blink for fear of the pain
It will be okay

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Climb Like Ivy Does

Release Date : 26 Gennaio 2015
Artist : Piqued Jacks